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Kinda disturbing video aside, this is fantastic, fuzzy stuff from vuvuvultures. Said band are a London four piece, formed in 2009 under a different name, who mooched around the capital and the obligatory countryside festivals before heading of to Australia and returning in their current guise. ‘I’ll Cut You’ provides reverb drenched darkness that isn’t entirely symptomatic of their overall sound (which is a little lighter and more upbeat) but is probably the standout track from their debut VVV EP.

A band to keep tabs on i feel, could come good, could sink without a trace, but this track at least, is worth a little of your time and attention


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These two Cali girls make the filthiest rock and roll you’ve ever heard. That guitar tone is brutally perfect, and every drum fill rattles your brain in your skull like a pinball. I would also love to take Lindsay for a delicious seafood dinner if it wasn’t for the fact she is intimidatingly rock ‘n’ roll. She’d out drink, out coke, and out fuzz me by 8pm, and the blokes at Eddie’s Seafood Shack would never let me live it down. 

In summary, Cute Girls + Big Noise= Huge Things

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Back to the list… Kind of regretting this Bullshit… Halfway there though with

Number 10: Shad- When This is Over

Any man who dubs himself “the biggest thing out of Canada since Pamela’s double D’s” or samples ‘Cool and the Gang’ is o.k. in my book. Shad does both on the standout track of this debut ‘I Get Down’, but his self assured statement is not representative of his entire attitude to rap. His introspection and storytelling prowess, as well as a measure of modesty, is what sets him apart in a genre where every other word is a phallic symbol, or a metaphor for money. 

Reminiscent of pre God complex Kanye West, Sage Francis, or some of Lupe Fiasco’s stuff, Shad’s power over words is undoubted, and tracks like ‘Rock With It’ as well as the aforementioned ‘I Get Down’ show confidence in this ability, but this confidence never spills over into arrogance. He’s a pretty smart guy, he has a degree, but ‘New School Leaders’, the album’s opener shows how his love of rap always overshadowed his academic study.

 And that’s the key to Shad’s appeal, his music allows a window into his innermost thoughts, he writes music much like you might write a diary; no more so than on the duet with his mother. And his innermost thoughts can be pretty beautiful, or rise a smile, or make a statement. He has a message to convey. And his message isn’t just an over-hyped mating call, some kind of flashy show. That’s how it should be, but so often it isn’t, but Shad seems to have it all figured out, and doesn’t need that kind of macho posturing. And the sound of a man who has it ‘figured out’ is rare commodity indeed.

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And Number 11 is So Underground, Even Youtube Doesn't Know Them.

Number 11- Lavis Blake- Glue EP/Tandem Ep

As far as I can tell, the only output from this band between forming (Probably 2010, Who Knows) and splitting up (August 2011) are these two Eps, which I for one think is a BLOODY SHAME. There’s not even a decent video of them on youtube, and I would trade in the region of 1000 piano playing cats for a bit more of this band.

The varied vocal style of Lavis Blake has parallels in some of Modest Mouse’s stuff, and with titles like ‘Jazz Cigarette’ ‘Ginsberg’ and ‘On the Road’ there is a clear literary bent, with a special tip of the fedora to the ‘beat poets’ like Ginsberg and Kerouac. This kind of free-form lyricism is something which sets Blake apart, and at times approaches a kind of stream of consciousness like in ‘Fern Gully’ which begins ‘Acid reflux flashbax of pouring spoons into empty cash registers’. What. The Fuck. But it sounds quite a lot like Pixies. I like Pixies.

FFO: Modest Mouse, Pixies, Manchester Orchestra, The novel/film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Beat Poets.

EDIT: Hit the title of this post for a link to the Lavis Blake bandcamp, where you can download the ‘Glue’ EP for Zero Dinero (It’z Free)

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The Hipster has been busy. The Hipster apologises.

Number 12- Twin Atlantic- Vivarium 

A band getting a bit of airtime in the UK for their second album, Free, the Glasgow 4some produced a first far more soaked in the Scottish Rock (read: early Biffy Clyro) tradition, and without the radio friendly hooks. This can only be a good thing. And i don’t know if it’s lead singer Sam Mctrusty’s strong Scottish twang, or the fact that he’s “dead dreamy” (which he is) but they somehow stand out from the crowd in which the uniformly bland heavyweights of the modern Pop Punk scene simply don’t. You just get the feeling that whilst All Time Low were carefully straightening their hair, Barry was working on his licks (and crafting that magnificent beard), and that all the time YM@6 spend getting sucked off by teenagers (read: libel lawsuit pending) Twin Atlantic spent getting their heads kicked in at Glasgow nightclubs. 

What it makes for, is a good mix of ‘fire in the belly’ vitriol and genuine chops which is the brightest light in a genre that hasn’t seen any innovation or real bands since 2005.


FFO: Brand New (maybe), Blink 182, XCERTS, Biffy Clyro, Fighting With Wire, Pulled Apart By Horses 

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Doubling the number of posts this month is…

Number 13- Test Icicles- For Screening Purposes Only 

Punk meets dance who introduces it to her friend Indie, who introduces them all to Lightspeed Champion. One almighty orgy ensues, and the ball of energy that is Test Icicles (i’m pretty sure the balls pun is deliberate) is the offspring. Actually, this was Dev Hynes first real project, but one that was a founder member of the dance-punk/nu-rave genre in Britain, and Screening Purposes is one upbeat ball of fury and zeitgeist. If you missed this one, as most of you outside of Britain will have, give it a go. You won’t be sorry.

FFO- New Young Pony Club, Klaxons, Trash Fashion, Dev Hynes 

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Released this year too, was Cloud Nothings’ third: Attack On Memory, which retains a lot of the same elements which made Cloud Nothings so great. From the first track however, it’s clear this is a much darker, more mature, more angst ridden album, and is no worse for that fact. Definitely worth a listen.

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